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We welcome you to our website. Here you will find information, demonstration and benefits of the Wick Wizard All-In-One Candle tool.

Many consumers are aware of the benefits of following manufacturer’s instructions with products they purchase. The instructions vary from product to product and are designed to provide the consumer with the information necessary to achieve the maximum desired benefit of the product. These instructions are usually listed on or included in the product packaging.

Candles are no exception. Yet, due to familiarity with candles for centuries, many consumers are unaware of the candle manufacturer’s instruction to trim the wick to ¼” prior to lighting each burn session and maintaining a center aligned wick.

While the instructions are quite simple, compliance is often overlooked due to complexity of adherence. In order to comply, consumers must use multiple tools. One tool to trim the wick, another tool to light the wick, a third tool to repair an embedded wick, and if desired a tool to extinguish the candle.

By following candle manufacturer’s instructions, consumers experience a safer, cleaner and longer burning candle. Please view the ‘Candle Care’ page to see recommended candle manufacturer’s instructions and a side by side comparison of the benefits.

The Wick Wizard was developed to ease this tedious and often overlooked task of candle maintenance. The Wick Wizard trims and lights the candlewick in one simple step. The retractable wick tool performs the functions of; smokeless extinguishing, wick recoating, realigning, and extracting for the occasional embedded wick.

With the Wick Wizard, you no longer have to juggle multiple tools to maintain and extend the life of your candles.

The Wick Wizard is 'The Simple Solution to Candle Care'.

The most important part of our market research and product development has been the ongoing feedback from candle manufacturers, retailers and consumers. We welcome this input as the source of determining marketing dynamics and development and design of the Wick Wizard.

Along with many who have responded, we are looking forward to having this product available in the market.

We are seeking investors, licensees and distributors for this innovative, functional, and efficient new product.

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All-In-One Candle Tool


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The Wick Wizard

All-In-One Candle Tool

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The Wick Wizard vs. current maintenance

processes and tools.

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Candle Care and Safety Tips

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Wick Wizard is a registered trade mark and patent protected product.